Traditional Maltese products, NOW ALSO GLUTEN FREE!

With in-depth research and rigorous testing to back it up, Golden Harvest now proudly boasts a fresh new Gluten Free range. Inspired by delicious local treats everyone is so fond of, the new Gluten Free range brings together genuine ingredients and a fresh approach, to make the first freshly baked, 100% batch tested Maltese Gluten Free variety. The star of the show has to be the White sliced loaf: fresh, soft and tasty, the loaf is not only Gluten free, but is also Lactose free and High in Fiber! Accompanying the loaf and white buns, are the tastiest of ‘Pastini tal-Lewz’, ‘Qaghaq tal-gunglien’ and ‘Pasta Frolla’, made with pure almonds!  Bringing traditional Maltese items back to those that had to cut gluten from their diet was Golden Harvest’s main priority, and in an effort to support cleaner living, all the range is made without using any artificial preservatives. By producing it in a segregated and controlled environment, followed by thorough testing by lab technicians, the company can guarantee a safe and delicious product to everyone.

Available from all leading supermarkets, or directly for our store in San Gwann, The Bakery Shop, which now also accepts POYC vouchers.